Shishuvan Transport Policy

Shishuvan has been striving for an efficient transport system and smooth traffic around the premises, something that has been largely realised with the support of the parents, the efforts of the Transport Committee members and the school management.


The meeting of transport committee with parents on 27th November, 2018, also ended on an encouraging note where parents agreed that safety of students is of the prime importance to all the stakeholders.


To further ensure safety and security of the students, smoothen school’s dispersal system, in the larger interest of the community and to comply with RTO and Government norms, the following transport policy has been formulated by the school management in association with the transport committee:


a.    Use of the school bus facility is mandatory for all the students of Pre primary and Primary department, except for those who walk to school (who live within 500 mts from the school).

b.    The walking students from pre- primary and primary will be handed over only to the parent / authorised adult carrying parent ID card.

c.    The students from Std. V onwards can either use the Bus service, can walk or use public transport to commute. The students from Std. V onwards can be allowed to walk unescorted and issued walking pass (on parents’ consent in the diary), in case they are using public transport.

d.    To ensure Zero Traffic in Lanes-  private vehicles are not allowed to enter in the designated lanes adjoining the school.  



As a conscious citizen of India, by adhering to the school’s transport policy, you will help to:

-       Ensure safety and security of the students

-       Smoothen the dispersal system of the school

-       Reduce our carbon footprints

-       Instil discipline in our students

-       Build sensitivity towards the neighbouring community


Below is the information, as received from USBC, about the bus service:


USBC (Universal School Bus Company LLP)

USBC has to its credit a fleet of 110 buses running successfully for 12 schools in Mumbai, since 1994.



  • CCTV CAMERA: CCTV camera in all the school buses, to improve safety and security of the students travelling in the bus. This step is also in alignment with RTO norms.


·         FEMALE ATTENDANT: All the buses compulsorily have female attendants.


·         COMPLIANCE OF RTO NORMS: All the buses follow the RTO norms (the school carries out periodic inspection for the same.)


·         ROUTE RATIONALISATION: The routes have been rationalised in consultation with the School and the Transport Committee, in the best interest of the students.


·         BUS FACILITY FOR EVENING SPORTS PRACTICES (STD. V ONWARDS): The bus service will be available for dropping the students of std. V onwards , after sports at 5.00 pm, at an additional cost.


·         BUS FACILITY FOR ONE WAY (ONLY STD. V ONWARDS): The bus service can be availed only for pick or only for drop of the students from std. V onwards (at the rate of 60% of the total bus fees).


  • BUS FEES FOR STD X STUDENTS: Std. X students will be charged 10 months fees.


  • BUS FACILITY AVAILABLE AT DIFFERENT PICK UP AND DROP POINTS: Parents can specify a different drop or pick point (other than their residence), provided that the stop falls under the existing bus routes.

·         BUS FEES PAYMENT : The revised bus fees for the academic year 2018-19 and the details of payment will be send to you by Wednesday, 10th January, 2018.